What is it like to play one of the best-selling games in video gaming history? There’s no such other feeling like this, we should say. You must have experienced it when you’ve played Grand Theft Auto V. This game is a cultural phenomenon and simultaneously the title every geek should obtain on his video games shelve. 

When you play Grand Theft Auto V, you are excited, tense, and entirely immersed into the most captivating gameplay ever. After five years of existence of the game and hundreds of sessions played, do you believe there can be any secrets for you in GTA 5? 

And our answer is “yes”. You can find a lot to discover in Grand Theft Auto V even if you passed the game many times. Want to know some GTA 5 unrevealed secrets? Here they are collected by the devoted fans of the game. 

  • You can find a frozen alien, if you ignore the guide instructions in the prologue. Instead of going over the railroad tracks on your first mission with Brad, Michael, and Trevor, go under the bridge. There you will find an iced alien in the river. 
  • The map of San Andreas is bigger than the island of Manhattan. It is the largest Rockstar games maps so far.
  • Trevor’s Canis Bohdi is the reference to the 1991 film’s character Bohdi, who was a bank robber. Watch the Point Break movie to learn Trevor’s identity better. 
  • Each of the main characters has different sleeping habits. If Michael sleeps only 6 hours, Franklin sleeps for about 8, Trevor is the real sleepyhead. He prefers sleeping for 12 hours for sure. 
  • Each of the characters corresponds to different players’ type. For example, Michael is perfect for those who want to take the game easy. Franklin is the best option for ambitious players. Trevor is meant for destructive players; he is the most chaotic and unpredictable among them. 
  • You can interact with the moon in GTA 5. If you shoot at the moon, you can make it change its size right away. Make it smaller or return it to the original size every time you shoot at it.
  • You can watch the Thelma & Louise movie ending. To do that you need to be nearby the cliff at 7 pm. There you will see a car with two women being chased by police. They are not going to surrender, so they are just replaying the movie’s ending by smashing their car into the rocks below. 

This is not the full list of possible in-game discoveries. So try to look at the Grand Theft Auto V with fresh eyes. You will be surprised, how wonderful this game remains even after five years of continuous playing. 


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