How to play GTA 5 on Android or iOS

Playing GTA 5 on Android or iOS is possible. But not everything is so simple. Let's find out what are the possibilities and ways of installation.

1. Use the application from Valve - Steam Link Anywhere
To do this, you need to have an account with Steam, buy Grand Theft Auto V there, and install it on your computer, install Steam Link Anywhere from Google Play or Apple Store on your mobile phone.
The pros:
You can play from your smartphone on Android and iOS.
You need to run the game on your PC so that you will not go far from your room.

2. Use the beta version of GTA 5 for mobile devices developed by New Games Corporation.  Rockstar Games has nothing to do with this game, so on official resources, it will not appear, look for it on the site of New Games Corporation.

Check "GTA 5 Android New Update (Test 0.2.1) Beta" video from New Games Corporation
The pros:
You can play from on your smartphone.
Is not the official version, has many bugs. Not available for iPhone and iPad

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